What is YOUR Healthy?

Well hello, hello all blog readers. This is my second attempt at a blog, and I am determined to make this one last. I have spent quite a long time trying to figure out what the perfect subject would be for me to blog about, and I have decided. Health! I have dedicated a large amount of my life learning about the human body, fitness, this so called wellness, diets, and even more. For some odd reason, I cannot get enough of this kind of stuff, and I have learned that many people just simply don’t know and aren’t educated on health. While it is very easy to just grab a book and read what someone else writes, then try and mimic what they do, I don’t believe in this. I think that each person should have their own definition of what is healthy for them. Different tactics work for different people, and it is a lifelong journey to discover what exactly works for you. I have started gathering tidbits of information from all sorts of sources, and hopefully I can help you begin to start finding what exactly is your healthy.