Removing the Diets

Diets, man are there tons of them. Yes, I am 100% guilty of trying quite a few of them, which makes me confident enough to write this post. I really am not a fan of the word diet. See the thing is that, once you go on a diet you either stick with it forever or you stop. If you stick with it forever then it simply becomes your lifestyle, or “eating style.” If you stop, then it really didn’t do you any good. In simple terms, if you feel that you need to change your eating habits (what most call going on a diet), then make a commitment to this new change and make it your lifestyle, until you discover a better one.

Personally, I think a lot of the diets out there have the right idea, just not an idea that most people can continue for years on end. Here are some examples that most of you may have tried at one time or another.

  • Weight Watchers: I think WW is great for people just starting out on conquering what healthy is for them. BUT where Weight Watchers goes wrong is that you can eat whatever you want, just not a ton of the bad stuff. This means people can just decrease their intake of fast food and sugar packed delights instead of learning to love the juicy fruits and veggies that haven’t been in a fryer. What I take from Weight Watchers is, eat in moderation. If you are just starting out, WW can be a good tool to learn how bad some food really is without trying to completely understand the nutrition facts.
  • South Beach Diet: I honestly love SB. So this is a hard one to critique. The first part of the diet, Phase 1, you cut out all normal carbs and sugars- even fruit. The point of this is to get rid of the cravings. It actually works folks. The second part, Phase 2 & beyond is again just trying to keep the intake of carbs and sugar at a minimum. This is a good practice, but where I think it goes wrong is the complexity of the recipes. A lot of very busy people can by no means take the time to cook everything it calls for. And if you don’t really prepare your meals, you dont get these awesome dishes, and then you kind of lose some of the excitement that SB yields. So, what I take from SB is to limit carbs and limit sugar. Something we all should follow!
  • Atkins: Now I feel like everyone has either heard of Atkins or tried some version of it. There isn’t too much to it, basically it is no carbs. This just doesn’t work at all, you need need neeeeeed whole grains! It is a must. I know that a large amount of carbs does cause me to gain weight but completely cutting them out just isn’t good for you. What I would take from Atkins is (like SB) don’t go crazy when it comes to carbs, and more importantly, eat the good kinds.
  • Any Sort of “Cleanse”: Some people do cleanses to try and fit in their wedding dress, others do them because they are having stomach problems they think may be caused by certain foods. Here is what I think, don’t cleanse. Your body needs food because food has nutrients that are going to keep you strong and healthy to get through life’s daily tasks. If you deprive yourself of these much needed vitamins and such, you are only do bad. Besides, you will kill your metabolism and it will be virtually impossible to keep any lost weight off. The only tidbit I can think to take from a cleanse is to try and eat less processed foods and stick to things that have ingredients you can pronounce.

    So, there it is! Not really a diet bash, just an analyze. You can definitely have your own opinions but those are mine. All in all, find your own “eating style,” one you can keep up without too much stress.