Amazing Crackers

Okay who doesn’t love having cheese and crackers, but hardly ever does because you literally get like 4 crackers per serving and even that is pushing the limit. Thanks to my curiosity and Walmart Neighborhood Market, I have discovered a wonderful, body conscious cracker! They are made by “Crunchmaster” and can be found in Walmart’s organic section (see photo below), which is a total of like 10 things. Haha! In my grocery store they are right next to the PB and Jelly. I promise these will not fail to be delicious. Even my boyfriend, an anti-organic-food-eater, loves them (and eats them literally everyday after work)!

Okay so we have concerned the cracker, now how about cheese?? Ummm hello hummus!! When I was checking out at the grocery store one night my cashier asked what it tastes like. I didn’t give the best description by saying, “Have you had chickpeas?” because she was quick to say, “Is that health food?” and to that I said “Nope, just a bean!” If you are hesitant to try hummus I say get a kind that is flavored, they have a delicious taste most people adore.

So there! We have conquered the usual tantalizing snack of cheese and crackers. See, there really are delicious alternatives!