Sensational CranPom Fizz

I have met a large amount of people in my almost quarter life, and I don’t know too many who aren’t fans of soda- now mostly diet soda. While I don’t know precisely why consuming a large amount of diet soda is bad, I know that it is worth your while to investigate an alternative, or at least a way to drink a little less of it. I allow myself one diet soda a day, usually around 3pm to get me through those long last two hours of work. Now, water is certainly the absolute best alternative, but I have found a super delicious- almost cocktail like- concoction. Yes, it involves some diet soda, but four drinks of this recipie is equivalent to one diet soda. There are two easily found (and affordable) ingredients- see photos.

CranPom Fizz

Pour 1/4 can Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Then, top your glass off with Pomegranate Flavor Clear Carbonated Water. Enjoy!