Airport Exercise

Holiday season is so exciting with all the different parties to attend, family to visit, and events to check out. What isn’t all that exciting is the amount of unhealthy, calorie packed, food that is usually consumed along with no time to have a decent bout of exercise, all aiding in unwanted weight gain. Who doesn’t want to purchase a new, festive outfit and feel great when arriving at their holiday work party? Nobody I know. Because this is an issue, I too, struggle with during the holidays, I came up with a few ways to add in extra exercise, and all you need is an airport. My parents live quite a ways away from me, making airports a frequented destination during my holiday season. Here are a few tips on exercising in the airport:

  1. Never ride the escalators. Even if you have 2 carry-on bags, pick them up and head for the stairs. Recently, in the Chicago O’Hare Airport, I walked up about 5 flights of stairs and I will gladly say I broke a tiny sweat. Should I be ashamed? No, because instead of standing on a moving step, I moved my butt up a ton of steps.
  2. Never walk on moving sidewalks. Whoever invented these are quite genius, but probably a relatively lazy being. If you are in a hurry, its simple… RUN! If not, bypass that moving ground and get to walking. I walked next to a moving sidewalk in Chicago and challenged myself to keep up (yes it was so hard) with the pace of those on the moving sidewalk.
  3. Don’t spend your layover sitting, go for a walk! Having a layover for one reason or another always dampens your mood, so why not make it a productive waiting period. If you end up with even 30 minutes to spare, walk around your concourse. I promise when you go to sit down on your plane you will feel grrrrreat

Those are my three main tips, take them or leave them. I promise, you can do some serious exercising in the airport, and it will make those holiday treats that much better.