Pump up the Cardio

Summer is nearing, and while being in a bathing suit shouldn’t be your main reason to kick your exercise plan into gear, it sure can be extra incentive! As most of you may have found, increasing the amount of cardio you do each day will really help shave off those extra pounds. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to become overly bored while running multiple miles, hanging out on the elliptical for hours or biking continuously. Recently, I created a nice 50 minute cardio workout that keeps me concentrated and interested. I use the elliptical as my long segment because I enjoy it most. Use whatever piece of equipment you like most for your long chunk. Depending on what all your gym has, your machine choice for each interval may be different than mine.

50 Minute Cardio Workout

30mins of Elliptical
3 min warm-up
3 min regular resistance (RPE Level of 5)
1.5 min of hard resistance (RPE level of 7)
.5 min of sprinting (RPE level of 9)
Repeat this circuit until you have reached 28mins (approx 5times)
2 min cool- down

5mins of Treadmill
I walked at a pace of 4.2 and an incline of 3.0

5mins of StairMaster
I stepped at a level of 8 and switched from stepping forward, to stepping sideways- on the left- to stepping sideways on the right

5mins of ArcTrainer
I went with a resistance of 20 and an incline of 4

5mins of the Rower
I set the rower at level 8 and kept it at about 550cals/hour

The key to the 5min segments is to keep an RPE level of around 8, almost a sprint but not quite- close enough so that you can maintain it for mins.

Now, all you need now is a great hour long playlist and you are ready to burn some major calories! Enjoy!!