Need a quick lunch?

Working in a hospital system, where lunch hours are 30 minutes long for both setup and devour, having a great, filling, healthy lunch sure is difficult. I personally prefer a large salad so I can get a good amount of my daily vegetables in. I sure don’t get them in at breakfast, and dinner seems to be the smaller meal of the day, so lunch seems to always be the best bet. Unfortunately, eating a large salad is hard to both prepare and eat quickly on such a fast lunch break. I was always open to protein bars, or bars in general, but I was never that drawn to one particular kind… until yesterday! I’m sure you have heard of them… Lara Bar!

The consistency of the bar tastes somewhat like a fig newton. It is smaller in size than a lot of the bars are, but the ingredients they use make it very filling.

The absolute best thing about these bars ARE those filling ingredients! Do you see what they are?? You can pronounce everything, oh I’m sorry all three ingredients! This means that Lara Bar literally took large amount of each ingredient, crushed them up, and made an amazing bar. Now, pair that with some delicious veggies and you’ve got yourself a well balanced lunch! Hurry and go try the new pineapple upside down bar! It is AAAAmazing.