Bored? Think again.

As a working fitness professional, I have come to realize just how popular health & fitness has become. From Dr. Oz to marathon running, from Jillian Michaels to Crossfit, and not to name countless quite educational blogs (like this lovely one), health & fitness has definitely boomed! With that being said, there really is no excuse for anyone to go to their designated elliptical or treadmill every day, pound out a deathly boring 45 minutes of cardio, take a lap or two around the lovely selectorized weight machines, and call it a day. You may have spent an hour to an hour and a half in your facility of choice doing what you think is going to create that smoking summer body, but did you actually walk away with sweat beads still dripping down your face? Was it difficult to buckle your seat belt because your muscles just couldn’t bear one more contraction? I highly doubt the answer to those questions was yes. I am here to change that.

Research papers take resources, yes? As does exercise. With the amount of available resources out there today you honestly have NO excuse to be bored with your workouts- you especially have no excuse to do the same routine multiple times a week. Workouts are like recipes; you know what main ingredients you’d like to use so you look for a recipe matching your needs. You then try that recipe, see if you like it, and either keep it on file or trash it. Do the exact same thing with your workouts! Where, might you ask, can the massively abundant resources I speak of be found? INTERNET. I’ll give you a head start, but don’t stop with my ideas, make it a daily activity to find something new and exciting. I promise, those results you so badly want, are within reach.

Here are a few to test out… : This is a crossfit blog. He posts daily workouts, most of which can be done at home. If you don’t know how to do something, treat it like a word you don’t know the definition to. Look. It. Up. : This is a link to my “move” pinterest board. Pinterest, as I recently discovered via wonderful co-workers, has a ton of awesome workouts posted daily. When you go to explore, simply click on “Fitness,” and like any you find that sound interesting so you can go back and perform them. : Shape magazine has tons of new and interesting workouts posted all the time. By visiting them online you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription. Some of them become similar at times, but there is enough variety to keep you occupied. : Depending on what fitness level you consider yourself to be, and what goals you are trying to achieve, this website has a decent amount of great workouts. Even ladies who are trying to streamline can benefit from a day, once a week, of old school lifting. : This blog is absolutely wonderful. Not only does she provide you with fun, challenging workouts, she also gives you some great, accurate information. You will learn new information about exercise while you kick your body into shape. : Similar to your Shape magazine site, Fitness magazine has a plethora of great workouts. Again, I advise using the online site so you aren’t out of pocket anything. Browse around, you are sure to find something new!

Those are my favorite resources for now. Give them a shot, and I promise you will not only see better results, but you will begin to actually enjoy exercise- which is the ultimate goal!