Post- Workout Protein

How many times have you been told to have protein directly after a workout? I’m sure your answer is a million times. How many times have you asked a question about muscle tone and diet and the answer is, “how much protein are you eating?” Again, I’m sure this has happened to you time and time again. Now, sometimes I’m not really in the mood for protein powder or meat, and something with a good crunch really sounds the best. Therefore…I give you “Special K Protein Plus!”

It has just a slight hint of sweetness with a somewhat bran taste- but not one that you have to make yourself eat, one that is delicious.

The absolute best thing about this post-workout snack are the ingredients. Do you see how far down on the list sugar is? Yeah, it’s still there but it is #8. That is pretty darn hard to find in most cereals. At 100 cal for 3/4 a cup and 10g of protein… By golly you’ve sold me!!

Grab a cup and munch for a satisfying, post-workout, protein filled, snack!