No Money? No Problem!

One major complaint I often hear as to why people are not eating a well-rounded healthy diet is that it is too expensive. I will agree that buying ALL of your groceries at say, Whole Foods, will cost a decent amount, though if you are a conscious shopper with good cookbooks available, this excuse is NOT valid. Let’s break this last statement down…

1)Conscious Shopper:

  • Do you make your grocery list on what sounds good for that week? Why don’t you look at the sales at your preferred grocery stores and create recipes around those items!
  • Do you just pick up items when you feel they are necessary? Why don’t you create a budget, and make a grocery list based on one entire week. No extra shopping throughout the week!
  • Do you know what less expensive alternatives are available for certain ingredients some cookbooks may call for? Why don’t you use our lovely, dear old friend….GOOGLE!

2) Good Cookbooks

  • Do your cookbooks create recipes with ingredient lists a mile long?
  • Do your cookbooks use ingredients that you can only find in specialty stores?

The easy answer to #2 is my new favorite cookbook…..

Strapped for cash? Don’t worry!

This cookbook has some recipes that I find myself using substitutions for because it could be just that much healthier, but overall… it’s LOVELY.

Check out the Pizza Popover! Indulge in pizza, without the guilt. Only $10 on Amazon. Come on now! No more excuses!