Home Workouts

**This post is dedicated to my three beautiful friends who have decided to spend two plus years giving themselves to helping others- aka Peace Corps Volunteers. Love you Allison, Jackie, and Anna. Many… Continue reading

Free Personal Trainer

Is that elliptical or treadmill starting to bore you to tears? Are you wanting to begin implementing a strength training program into your workout plan? Are you plateauing and feel like nothing challenges… Continue reading

No Money? No Problem!

One major complaint I often hear as to why people are not eating a well-rounded healthy diet is that it is too expensive. I will agree that buying ALL of your groceries at… Continue reading

Spartacus Workout

Looking for another high intensity workout, but a tad sick of doing the same circuits? Try the Spartacus Workout! I tried it today and felt awesome. It’s almost like you can feel fat… Continue reading


By now, I’m sure the majority of you have heard about Crossfit. If you haven’t, you are missing out. To start this post I was going to define Crossfit, but to be honest… Continue reading

Post- Workout Protein

How many times have you been told to have protein directly after a workout? I’m sure your answer is a million times. How many times have you asked a question about muscle tone… Continue reading

30 minute Total Body Workout

Sometimes it seems the longer you put in at the gym, the more benefits you will see. Other times, you just don’t have that much time to give up. Life happens, but exercise… Continue reading

Bored? Think again.

As a working fitness professional, I have come to realize just how popular health & fitness has become. From Dr. Oz to marathon running, from Jillian Michaels to Crossfit, and not to name… Continue reading

Craving Pizza?

What goes perfectly with watching a nail biting sports game? Pizza. Last night was the second night of the NBA Finals and all I wanted was pineapple, Canadian bacon pizza. I was about… Continue reading

Need a quick lunch?

Working in a hospital system, where lunch hours are 30 minutes long for both setup and devour, having a great, filling, healthy lunch sure is difficult. I personally prefer a large salad so… Continue reading